David Byrne

Artist Biography:

David Byrne is based in Derbyshire and has a studio in Derby. He is an interdisciplinary artist working with paint, mixed media, digital, photography, words, video and sound. His influences are Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, Tacita Dean and Giorgio Morandi. During the COVID-19 pandemic he joined Hatchery, a group of self-directed residencies, to challenge himself, explore new directions and find different ways of working and thinking.

He has exhibited at Quad Derby and at Royal Birmingham Society of Arts – Prize Exhibition 2020 and curated online exhibitions on Instagram. His work “Social Distancing” displayed at the RBSA Friends Online Exhibition RBSA was reviewed by art writer Bethany Wood:


Byrne’s  art projects and research have taken up questions of authenticity, creativity and innovation and looked at the nature of work and social relationships with particular reference to conversations and collaboration. His research has involved groups and individuals participating in workshops, conversation and collaboration and creating online exhibitions and he runs a variety of workshops in the workplace, in community centres and online via Zoom to bring art and creativity to a wider audience.



Artist Statement:

Where do you come from? That question may be hinting that you do not belong. Accents, names, clothing, skin colour and culture can all prompt judgments prejudicial to your interests.

To quote Gaston Bachelard: “Sense of home is rooted in memory and dreams; it grows from our past, which is situated elsewhere”.

Our lives consist of many journeys; physical, spiritual and cultural.

Some travel for tourism others commute (sometimes long distances each day) or move town or country for work or family reasons. Technology may be shrinking the world but many people are forced to move due to political persecution, economic migration or military action.

My aim is to create works that question what it is to belong and explore the cultural and historical context. I hope to continue the conversations and collaboration with other artists that has helped me find different ways of working and thinking.

I am basing some my work on a shed to create works to reflect my own sense of belonging and my personal relationship with a specific space, its history and its place in the world today. This work would act as a focus for conversations with other artists either in person or online. The act of sharing this material with one person at a time combined with the ensuing conversation will become a necessary way to present this work.

I am looking to challenge myself and search out new directions. I hope to explore further those elements of my work that could be sculptural and continue to blend digital and physical work.  I am also interested in how technology impacts on my work and I am exploring robotics.

Artist Work

Exploration, 210 x. 297, Ink
Signal, 210 x 297 mm, Acrylic
Social Distancing, 255 x 255 mm, Digital