Dr Helen Lees

Artist Biography:

Helen Lees is an artist and poet based near Florence, Italy. In her visual work she seeks to express ideas about vulnerability and the responsibility we must take for it, silence as an experience of a positive kind, and beauty as transcending the everyday. Her poetry ranges across various subjects but increasingly focuses on the natural world.


Artist Statement:

Helen Lees aims in her artistic visual practice to uncover silenced and little discussed issues of the social to do with vulnerability. This is mainly done through her sculpture, which has both personal and political content. Her painting and drawing is a work in progress in respect of what it says, does and how it does it. Initial thoughts are that she wants to paint silence, evoke silence and express it. This is beginning now to involve colour as a journey of discovery, to attempt to express both ideas of silence and beauty by using colour as a way to speak.

Artist Work

Lees Eva (Hesse) Taught Me Art Is Like Poetry So Here Are Some Dirty Big Fat Tears For My Friends, 23 x 14 x 12cm, metals and polymer clay

When Will We Be Friends?, 20 x 20 x 10 cm, Mixed media (Olive wood and lapis lazuli spheres)

She Speaks #2, Text