Lori Amor

Artist Biography:

Lori Amor’s artistic career might have started after she was given permission to use her Aunt’s oil paints as a teenager in her small home town in Texas. The trees that she painted in her Aunt’s make shift dining room art studio may not have looked very happy but the calm focus she felt whilst smearing paint on canvas fueled her to pursue and explore more suitable artistic landscapes.

Later, in addition to painting and drawing, she began using traditional and digital photography. Combining these, to her mind, seemed to reconcile her need to make art with her intense interests in science and technology.

Over the years Lori continued experimenting with different materials and methods for creating art, only straying from this path a few times for a career in IT and to gain an MSc in Computer Science. She’s done performance art, installations, become obsessed with archiving everything, mixing her own acrylic paint and incorporated science and technology into her work whenever possible.

Lori is currently based in the UK, still experimenting and exploring within the calm focus that making art brings to her.

Artist Statement:

Originally from Texarkana, Texas in the USA, I have been living and working as an artist in the UK for over twenty years. My work is about the manipulation, communication and archival aspects of information and data. The way in which information is gathered and recorded from experience is vital to the work itself. In the past my work has involved the use of different types of boxes, electronics and sculpture techniques to create installations. The work has also contained elements of craft and performance and are strongly driven by concept, however, the process of using appropriate materials to bring physical form to those concepts is the most important factor in their creation. My practice has grown to include processes of archaeology, anthropology and forensics through the research I have done about how we learn and gather information about the past as well as saving information for the future. I have focused on the processes involved in these scientific disciplines and have taken parts from each in order to create a method for my own work to follow. Some of my most enjoyable work involved spontaneous trips to the seaside in order to gather information. This resulted from research of historic articles about the seaside proclaiming the sea water and air to have medicinal properties. It was thought that a trip to the seaside would cure many ills. Gathering photographs, sand, soil and water samples as evidence, I used these and methods which mimicked the sea to create a series of painted wooden panels. Most recently whilst looking back to these projects and in response to the pandemic which prevents me from repeating these trips, I have been exploring ways to perhaps recreate the feeling of these events whilst being in lockdown.

Artist Work

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