Mik Hobson

Artist Biography:

Mik Hobson, currently based in the East Midlands, is primarily a singer, vocalist and guitarist who writes song lyrics and poems. He has also worked as a TV and film extra with occasional small parts and as a photographic model. His aim is to entertain, amuse and sometimes challenge the listener either through original material or by (often drastic) re-imaginings of popular songs.  He was born in East Cheshire and was influenced by traditional North-West England life, Sixties and Fifties pop music, live and recorded Rock Music, street theatre and traditional and contemporary folk and art performance.


Artist Statement:

Playing with words.  Playing, …….. with words.  Puns intended, sometimes not. Recitation, repetition, reading allowed, reading aloud. Souls plumbed, depths plumbed, soles pummelled, deaths funnelled into new beginnings. I strum, I hum, I walk, I talk. I write and at night I sleep and dream. I sing and the dark brings comfort. I bend….. and lend an ear. I groan and moan and cry and try. I create what I can and suffer the consequences.

Artist Work

Autumn Poem

Sorrow And Tears