Yves Riguidel

Artist Biography:

Normandy-based French artist, Yves Riguidel, began practicing art seriously after a career as a graphic designer.  He now combines this with part-time teaching. He is a sculptor and a painter using watercolour, acrylic and oils.  A frequent exhibitor, his recent exhibitions include England, Korea, Paris, Honfleur.


Artist Statement:

Yves Riguidel’s main theme is the human body where he is particularly interested in movement and the presence of the figure.   Originally with a classical, traditional style as is common in France, he is now experimenting using pencil, paint and clay together with other art forms as such as dance, music and theatre trying to capture the notion of performance and movement within his work. The fluidity of his style and medium reflecting the intricacies and movement of the dancers or performers. As a sculptor, he sculpts from life and aims to transfer the notion of movement to those figures that he has gained in his painting and drawing.

In addition, he explores a wide variety of subjects such as still life and landscapes that often reflect his local environment by the sea. 

Artist Work

Riguidel Aux portes de l'Europe, 2016, Acrylique toile, H195xL130cm
Riguidel Aux portes de l'Europe 2016, Acrylique toile, H195xL130cm
Composition Orange 2019 acrylic on canvas 100 x 80 cms.
Chet Baker, charcoal, 30 x 40 cms.