Artnuary 31 day Challenge 2021

Artnuary(January) Creative Challenge 2022

Finding artist voice (and believing in it)

An artwork a day throughout the month, that is 31 days, is our challenge for the start of 2022.  It can be any type of creativity, any material, however small or large, finished or unfinished to enable us to be spontaneous, measured, thoughtful, wild, experimental as we wish.

By the end, I hope we will have an archive of activity that posits new ideas, works out current ones, revitalises our practices through constant creativity and helps us to see who we are as artists.

For this challenge we have 10 artists including two  associate artists, Anne O’Callaghan (Canada) and Aline Crouin (France).


Aline Crouin
Aline Crouin


Anne O’Callaghan


Chris Wright


David Byrne


Helen Stevenson


Linda Duvall


Lori Amor


Mary Hayes


Mik Hobson


Yves Riguidel