In the middle of things

I am in the middle of my sound course, Synthesis and the Environment. I picked up a few things in the first week – different ways of doing things, other programmes to use, artists to listen to but this week has been different. Last night, we did a huge recording, of our environments, feedback, our own recordings for an hour. We all worked at the same time, throwing whatever we thought was appropriate into the mix. With 12 participants, the sound (noise) was incredible and I haven’t yet had the courage to listen to the recording. I was really tired and still am. The last session has been put off for a week or so in order for us to be able to do our homework!

However, I have been making recordings and on e in particular, Conjunction, was recorded with a hydrophone at the confluence of two parts of the river. This was then played back through multiple speakers to try and get an immersive listening. It worked but it didn’t appear so on the final recording. Perhaps I need to suspend the speakers at ear height and try again.

Alongside this, I am working on my commission with Melbourne and loneliness. Lots of interviewing, recording, writing up and research, people can talk!

I run and often use the time to think about what I am doing as well as listening and looking intently. On Friday, 26th, I will present a poem at the Running Artfully conference online. This was created during a run and in response to my environment.

Hatchery Artists is approaching its exhibition with deadlines coming up. The dates are not yet finalised due to Covid restrictions and the changes. hopefully tomorrow.