another day in lockdown

So many things are happening but we still can’t go anywhere. This week has been intense. Began with the last of my Synthesis and Sound course. I have been a bit disappointed with this, it was so unstructured and unfocused. I am sorry not to have learnt very much as I was hoping that it would send me in a new direction. However, it has not all been wasted. I have made some sound pieces, a short film constructed of stills, played around with multiple speakers and attended two workshops, one on live coding and the other on manipulating sound with your phone or iPad. They were both at the limits of my knowledge but really enjoyed them and it has given me ideas for the future.

Our Hatchery talk was with independent curator, Indra Khanna. She has such a lovely way of talking and imparting information. Hatchery are now thinking about the exhibition which will be titled Normal Service will be Resumed and take place at the Artcore Gallery opening on the 17th of May until 29th of May. We are hoping for physical exhibition. The second exhibition will be online at Wayland Dragonfly Gallery in Norfolk from the 1st to the 30th of June.

I have become interested in the little things, the everyday that sometimes produces such fantastic happenstance. I don’t want to spoil the looking at this image by telling what it is but It is the folds and textures that are created with light that are really fascinating.