Everything is Art and Art is Everything

I have been waylaid by a dream! It has altered my way of thinking about me and about my practice. Without all the boring details, I was, fluidly,  grandmother, mother, daughter and, strangely, the family dog but not the dog we had. I was communicated with by a bird when myself, roughly as I am now, all taking place in a strange house.


It has drawn together something that my mentor said in the session I booked with the bursary about not having to be always the same, in her words ‘not always having the same toolbox’ as well as being true to myself.


This dichotomy of practice is always something I have struggled with. For example, I have never seen why I cannot create exactly what I want, why I should have a consistency of practice. One thing that has been said of me in the past is that I will never achieve any recognition because I do too many things. I may be a sound artist,  photographer,  sculptor, practice drawing, performance or writing and why not? Myself and my creativity is what links all these things and is my way of looking at the world and trying to make sense of it.


But the dream stopped me in my tracks for a day. The multiple overlapping of identities and roles together with all the symbolism that occurred needed thinking about and not get lost in the everyday.