Holed Up

The reminder of the hold up in everyday life is ever present. My mind is holed up, it is a hole where things seem to disappear into and not come out. The strangeness of the great opportunities that this situation has created has become onerous. I feel both less and more.


Artistness is a state of mind not a state of practical being.  It grabs at your arm and tugs the everyday out of its complacency. The state of being holed up is not conducive to artistness.


Listing my progress – made some work and had it accepted at a conference type day. It develops my current practice through the melding of sound, images, and live performance. It is going to be interesting, I think. However, I will make a back up just in case.


But, also, lots of thinking, thinking about my mentoring session, about simple questions such as : ‘What do I do?’ ‘What is my practice?’ ‘What do I enjoy about it?’ and, importantly, ‘What makes what I do unique?’


It sounds so simple to write it but it is difficult to answer, at least, difficult to answer succinctly.


Other work has included ongoing commissioned projects such as The Melbourne Letters and Re-imagination, a schools project.