Normal Service will be Resumed….

We are beginning to plan seriously for our exhibition. Today, our proposals were submitted and next week, the next step will be for the curators, Jackie Berridge and myself, to meet at the gallery and try to place the work within the space. Each artist has been able to submit up to 6 pieces of work of which a maximum of three will be chosen.

Meanwhile, I am drawing up a marketing plan, thinking about the catalogue and flyers which Helen Stevenson is designing and all the other diverse bits and pieces that accompany an exhibition such as PAT testing and invites.

In addition, I am trying got make my own work and hitting a few technical difficulties. Spent too many hours on websites trying to find exactly the right piece of equipment. Writing the proposal, I know I did not really need to do it as curator but it is a really useful tool for fine-tuning and working out exactly what it is that you are doing. I did sigh a lot though!