Is Your Studio Tidy?

My studio is not ideal but I’m lucky to have one at all.

It has plenty of daylight and faces north/south.

There is storage and shelves and a work surface – even a place to store clean large sheets of paper.

My problem is myself.  I sometimes take out pieces of equipment to use in another place BUT I NEVER PUT THEM BACK !!! I also have too many things in the studio.  I did a large cull in the first lockdown so it is better than it was, but there are still areas needing attention. Like the stack of art postcards or the stack of exhibition catalogues.  Why have I got them if they are not used? So I have begun to search through them for inspiration at the start of a new phase in a project.

My tutor in the course I am following mentioned ritual as a way of starting work. To stave off the procrastination or belief that ‘what you create won’t be good enough so why begin?’ I like the suggestion of ritual. It reminds me of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, a time to prepare, get materials together, calm your mind and think about your intended activity, which should be done professionally.  In short, to do things properly.

So my new ritual will be to look through the postcards, books and catalogues; to clear my workspace and lay out the things I will be using; to sharpen my pencils. In fact to do what I could always have done had life not taught me to rush to do twenty things at once.  I am embracing mindfulness.