Making Choices

So excited to be starting a print course which has been paid for by the Art Bursary in Hatchery 2! I met the other members of the group online this week and was asked to show three examples of my work. I only had images on the website so I showed the ones I include here.

The course is called Printmaking:Finding Your Voice. It is exactly what I need. I have been learning about processes, materials, texture and colour relationships, but I have never really been able to find a thread that links my different forms of work. I suppose it comes down to the act of making choices.

How do we make choices about art? Sometimes you have an instinctive feel (which is probably the sum of your past experiences) and you go with that. At other times you collect loads of information to help you and go with the most sensible option. Maybe you rely on the judgements of others – experts? Often other people will help by reducing the number of options. I know that when you feel something deeply it finalises the choice.

So this week I am being asked to choose 8 objects that have given me joy over the years. Wow.

That will be tough.