Trying to etch lino at home

Sometimes it’s easy. Other times it seems that you will never manage anything.  This week I tried to use the method of etching lino using caustic soda. I put on protective clothing. I had already bought the goggles, mask and gloves, got a clean glass jar and an OLD teaspoon, and studied the recipe. ‘Start with the measured water. DO NOT add water to the measured caustic soda. Then add the measured wallpaper paste. I haven’t given amounts here because it didn’t work.  I will experiment.

Apparently it works best on grey lino. Problem number one, my lino is brown. I left it overnight in a warm place, so that was ok, but there was no change in the lino.  I shall have to try again with different proportions of caustic water and paste.

I have done it before, but it was a long time ago….I’ll let you know.