What influences you as an artist?

I made my choices. SOOOOO hard. I chose items from my life that I still own.  They all related to art and design but with one exception were not fine art.  My choices included a few from 1930s with mainly German influences and some related to modern technology.  Some clever people chose paintings that they had encountered through their life that affected their art development. That would have given me a very different list.  Those would have been Mediaeval manuscript paintings, Turner, Sergeant, Monet, Hockney, Picasso, Hamid, and Laura Knight.  And a list of print influences different again: Rembrandt, Hokusai, Anita Klein, Robert Tilliard, Robin Tanner, Henry Moore, Picasso, and Terry Frost.    Maybe I could look at who inspired me colourwise, or with textures or composition. It was challenging to do and really made me focus on what things I value and therefore have been influenced by.  It is a very interesting way of viewing your life, like Desert Island Discs, except that the focus there is on people and moments in a successful career or life. Good fun too.