Been working on unusual chords and chord runs (including unusual chords) from various songs.

(The chords are unusual to me, anyway!)

They require great left-hand precision and the “buying of a micro-second” (due to unfamiliarity) sometimes while the chord change is effected. Interesting to plot the progress of that time “lag” gradually lessening and occasionally disappearing all together when automatic pilot is engaged,

Don’t Dream it’s Over: (ps delighted to find you can do text in different colours!)

E♭ sus4, Csus2, A♭, Gsus4, G

Wichita Lineman: Fmaj7, B♭6,C9sus4, B♭maj7

Waterloo Sunset: F♯ minor, F♯ minor(major 7th), F♯ minor 7th, F♯minor.

Hey you can do strike through as well!

lines – and special characters like this:   Ψ ℜ. must learn to concentrate and find musical symbols.Done musical as above by pastding from Word

  Picture and sound files.