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Trying to etch lino at home

Sometimes it’s easy. Other times it seems that you will never manage anything.  This week I tried to use the method of etching lino using caustic soda. I put on protective clothing. I had already bought the goggles, mask and gloves, got a clean glass jar and an OLD teaspoon, and studied the r...
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It’s harder than it looks. Collage I mean. First attempts were just a mess.  For instance, this awful, too busy example – I started by making too many ink marks, tried to add larger solid areas but then in desperation put other shapes on as well.  Looking at it dispassionately (sort of...
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Layering is difficult

On the amazing course I’m attending, we are doing layering now.  Layering prints on top of other prints, or collaging or adding tissue or stencilling colour on top. Well it’s all supposed to be about having fun….and it is mostly.  I love experimenting with different tools, varyin...
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