Currently based in the East Midlands, UK, I am an interdisciplinary artist working with film, photography, performance, drawing and text but my main focus concerns sound especially its relationship to time and space at the intersection with the body which links in to my research which interrogates borders and marginal spaces. I have a digital studio at Broadway, Nottingham.

Shipping Lanes 2012

Paper boats made from used guidebook pages were launched at the centre of the Mekong River, the official borderline between Thailand and Laos and Laos and Cambodia. This was to look at the ambiguity of the border and the fluxes that take place as well as the temporary nature of the object and its relationship to the medium of the river.

While the dogs lie sleeping 2016 Mixed media/sound

Alluding to contemporary kitsch and gender specifics as well as commenting on animal boredom, the aquarium sits on the bare bones of a stage. A microphone wrapped in condoms transmits the sound to a guitar amp creating a concert of the sound of the inside of the bubbles.

Anywhere is Everywhere is a Circular Tale 2014

This is the narrative of a journey linking the eleven places called Denton in England. It presents the 1,026 mile, 21 hours and 57 minute circular journey negotiated via internet-based maps, which provide the 301 steps of detailed instructions. Postcards, photographs and other ephemera from the journey are presented to form a comprehensive retelling of the tale. However, the places have only been visited virtually, the sights are seen through others’ eyes, the descriptions are second-hand and the impressions gained only through what is seen on my computer screen at home. It is a tourist guide that, by way of its virtuality, creates a false reality, destroying, perhaps, a desire to visit but presenting a new sense of community.

Encountering/It is as it was 2016/17

Shown in Nottingham, UK and Cagliari, Sardinia where it was shown site-specifically, this ongoing work explores significant experiences in women’s lives. The stories are encountered through the trajectory of the listener where new narratives are formed through that action. The listener becomes complicit within the  piece and their own words become interspersed with the narrators. The outcome of this work is not only the tremendous events that occur in women’s lives, but the way sound can be displayed as  dynamic. A clip can be heard at: